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real talk hawk

the latter


In five years when everyone will be using a streaming service to listen to music (billions of people) money will be up for everyone in the industry. As it stands now too much of the product is split up between different types of consumption. Let's face it, if the majority would stop torrenting, purchasing mp3s, CDs, and records and switched to streaming (never again relying on their own music files) streaming would be profitable. It's just a matter of time.


Bruce Houghton

I want to believe you are right - but how are you so sure?

bubblegum casting

50/50 .... the world always has room for innovation !

Spotify is great try it if you havent already


he's made nearly $400 million, but can't "afford" to pay the artists anything significant. that's pretty much the definition of an opportunist. streaming leads to lower sales, but the difference isn't made up thru the streaming because so much of the money goes up to elk.

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