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"Fuck You Google+" - Users Respond As YouTube Changes Comment Rules

image from tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.comRecently Google began requiring that users sign in via Google+ before posting comments on YouTube. The reaction has been mixed at best.  Some see it as a way to clean up the cesspool of comments pervasive with some clips.  Others see it yet another example of Google grabbing too much control. Emma Blackery landed squarely on the negative side and expressed with the strongly profane yet catchy tune and video, "My Thoughts On Google+" which has gotten close to 300,000 views so far.

The refrain:

image from socialmediatoday.comFuck you, Google Plus
We don't want your fucking fuss
You've ruined our site and called it integration
I'm writing this song to vent our frustration
Fuck you, Google Plus
Your website can get fucked
If it was gonna 'work' it would've happened by now
Maybe ask Yahoo to fix it somehow?


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