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Stephen Lee

Sorry but I don't agree. The changed tool offered by Google still provides some of the best information on keywords. Market Samurai and my favorite Keyword Blaze still get the information needed. The challenge for musicians is about exposure not keyword specifics. A marketing plan or a plan to be where your listeners are is more important than keywords. If you are selling watches then keywords are still very important if you are looking for fans then you need a different approach to organic traffic.

Social networks and your presence on YouTube is important more than ever. Also I hate to say this but the sites like Rdio and Spotify have a place in your marketing plan. Yes they don't pay but, people spend a lot of time on those a sites. If you are too small to actually get on those sites..Bandcamp, and Soundcloud are very good places to start. As an artist you have to either hand off your marketing duties to someone who likes the challenge or get in tune with what music's role in our everyday lives. The days of just throwing up a site or blog are gone. Artist have to tell stories share them and to talk to those who are paying attention. Organic traffic while not hard to do is more challenging for the novice webmaster. Understanding analytics is big time now, more than ever. Also a great song is super important, that's where it all begins. As someone who builds sites I can tell you the experience you give your fans is super important. While Google has taken away a tool many have used they haven't taken the ability to found effectively away. Keywords are important but content creation and marketing is what's important craft powerful content and the organic traffic will come.

Clyde Smith

This is the kind of thing I've been discussing in most of my coverage to date.

But I'm also going to continue looking at specific details without referring to the bigger picture every time.

Here's a big picture look that's linked in the post above for an example:

Stephen Lee

I read them and thanks for pointing that out. The information you are sharing is valuable and very important. While a part of me also misses the way old Tools we both know that the web is fluid and changes at more than the speed of sound. I'm glad I'm not a musician but I am a big time fan. Problem today is that there is so much out there. Fighting for ears and eyes is tough, keep up the good work I look forward to more of your post.

Clyde Smith

Thank you. It was a little hard to tell where you were coming from and now I see you're trying to move things forward too.


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