Kim Dotcom's Music Service "Baboom" Set To Soft Launch In January - hypebot

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Phil Johnson

I'm sure Google won't have anything to say about him running over their ads with his own. Dude's got balls. I'll give him that.

While he's blowing himself out of proportion, I think it's a fairly sound idea. The problem is, as soon as one company makes ad overlays work, they'll start popping up everywhere. That will wreak havoc with the big ad vendors and they'll find a way to shut it down.


If he can get people to actually seek out adware based on his reputation as a fighter for individual and hacker rights at the same time...dude the only thing rarer then this is whatever toolbar somebody has actually found a use for. Do not underestimate the potential here for bargain basement affiliate add placement. If he goes the pirate bay route and just packages the whole thing as a separate anyways w/e Long live the Kim!

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