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You can't ignore the 99 cent Amazon sale of Born This Way

David Rosen

^ Like Ryan said. No one remembers this stuff.

Bruce Houghton

Fair statement. Then why did they not do something similar again? Even $5 at Amazon or a sponsorship like Jay Z?


2nd Ryan.

My guess is some sort if sale will come in Jenuary, after the Holidays. I'm sure they didn't do it again as it would not only set the standard hoe Gaga, but also inter scope/industry. If someone does that consistently could chane fan expectation. Also with a 26 mil marketing budget I'm sure they didn't want to sacrifice sales off the bat.


It could be that Artpop speaks less to the LGBT community than Born This Way did, which was an anthem and a call to action. I believe that high school kids that bought the last album may have moved on.

Urt Refic

Came here to say Ryan.

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