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Launching an old school magazine? what for?


well, unfortunately, there's room in the market now since a couple of major music mags have folded. it makes sense if you have a biz model that's not based on selling a gazillion copies.

Sakis Gouzonis

What's the point of launching an old school print magazine? Nobody buys print magazines anymore. All info is online.



It feels like we're gonna move backwards anyways...

Clyde Smith

There's actually a resurgence of print at the moment. When handled correctly it can be successful.

That's why a blanket statement like "nobody buys print" are usually a sign of an opportunity partly because it just isn't true.


From what I hear, this magazine will be very cool, not a typical "you heard it here first" rag printed on cheap magazine paper. I'm not aware of any URLs selling at auctions like some collectable magazines are. Print is permanent dude. Personally, I'm glad that some people still value printed material. Sort of like old vinyl.

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