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Jonathan Jaeger

"Rap Genius, which last year received a $145 million investment from prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz."

$15 million, believe there's a typo.


As with any other unlicensed media service, if the problem is really just that the wrong people are making money off of the unauthorized content, the solution seems obvious to me. Just authorize it—problem solved with the stroke of a pen!

The terms of the license can be that the sites must post accurate content (which you supply), and they have to provide you with regular revenue & traffic reports. In exchange, you'll set rates reasonable enough so that they can stay in business and keep the money flowing in. You don't even have to do any of the website work yourself. End result is you get a nice cut of the service provider's truckloads of money, for very little administrative or technological effort.

However I don't think the problem is really what Lowery and the industry say it is. If it were only about who's getting money, it would be sufficient to split the service provider's profit with the legitimate content provider. No, this has very little to do with who is getting paid. It is about control and relevance.

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