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As always with this debate, the comment thread on the video has really heated up. While I tend to agree with the message of the video, I don`t want to be found in the mass of haters who fight an unstoppable movement such as those who apposed Rock or Punk...etc.

HEY WTF Records

This is just sad.

I don't even know what else to say about it.

Why is Rolling Stone hating on EDM? Is it cause the money is there right now? Is it because they feel like a dying breed, so the only way to survive is fight change as hard as they can? We all saw how that worked for the RIAA when they reacted to Napster the same way.

Clyde Smith

I think it's actually a parody video.

Justin Boland

Hard to call it "edgy" when they're hiding it in Berlusconi's backyard, though.

If they did a "FUCK SKRILLEX" cover in their US edition, that'd be "edgy."


i can't say "rolling stone italy" without laughing.


In a recet interview Deadamaus described himself as a "button pusher", and that anyone could do what he is doing. That all he does is show up to a gig and dance.

Peaceful Impact

Music makes each of us feel fuzzy in a different way. It makes us powerful, creative, whole, compassionate, connected. Whatever music enhances our lives adds to the goodness of the world. Is it necessary to judge whether or not it is art, since that is the debate?

I am old enough to remember how traditional guitarists belittled electric guitarists saying electric guitarists couldn't be pure and how CDs were shunned because they couldn't capture the purity of vinyl.

These debates still live. What may be important to see from history is that we, humans, adjust slowly to understanding and accepting new forms of art. We are creatures of social proof. If we saw our favorite classical violinist playing her instrument with an EDM DJ, the entire face of EDM would change. EDM would be validated because an already credible artist believed in collaborating with EDM. And if she mingles with EDM, so should we.

As far I'm concerned, when music expands us, it's a good thing. A good movement may be defined as a group creating something positive with many (or few) followers as with EDM, rock, and classical, alike, all of which have given whole generations an emotional home.

There's so much disconnection in today's world, even with all our communication devices. If a movement is created out of need to belong, to feel connected or the need to dance or self-express; so be it. Let it flow! We can be with it or choose other music.

I'm going to dance now to some EDM. Anyone who wants to can go judge something or pick your favorite music and I'll dance to it with you.

Peaceful Impact

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Sour Diesel

While I can understand the 'noise' that dj's like skrillex make, there are also many that had a quality club sound. To group it all together is not fair.


Dude Rolling Stone Mag is just as lame and played the fuck out as rap is now and electronica will be in 10 years. They recently had the cover with Beiber that said hot, ready, legal. It's like u got to be kidding me especially from a magazine who takes its name from a badass motherfucker like Muddy Waters. Now just like any art movement there will become a time when a certain style or genre will be popular and unpopular. Like look at punk rock after blink 182 it kinda lost its steam. Now it's more like every rock band or whatever they are sound more like the strokes or something similar(ie. arcade fire, vampire weekend). Now as far as DJ's go. If they are producing sick beats or cool songs and although maybe using samples are creating original works(ie Dr Dre, Rza, etc) than I say there's nothing wrong with self expression. Now if your just playing other people's songs then don't try to get all high and mighty.

H. Munster

Blink 182 is not punk. Sorry.
Real Punk died in the early 80s.

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