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Streaming Music News: YouTube Music Pass, Google Play Music All Access, Nokia MixRadio

Nokia-mixradioMusic streaming and download services continue to multiply and it's getting difficult to keep up with all the news. New details of YouTube's upcoming music subscription service are hinted at in current Android app code. The awkwardly titled Google Play Music All Access gets a glowing review. And last week Nokia rebranded its MixRadio to encompass all of Nokia Music.

YouTube Android App Reveals Music Pass Details

Android Police conducted a teardown of the new YouTube app for Android.

Based on code in the app that may or may not become functional at a later date, Jeremiah Rice reveals such possiblities as:

  • YouTube's subscription service will be called "Music Pass."
  • There will be offline playback, background listening and ad-free options.


Google Play Music All Access Review

Owen Williams went hands on with Google Play Music All Access and says it's better than Spotify.

Note: Rather than shortening "Google Play Music All Access" to a more manageable phrase or whatnot I'm going to keep using the full title at every opportunity until I embarass Google into changing it. It's what the commies used to call "heightening the contradictions."

Williams' take on Google Play Music All Access?

  • The ability to upload one's own DRM-free music to Google Play Music All Access and access it on all devices is a big plus.
  • Spotify has a more complete collection than Google Play Music All Access.
  • Google Play Music All Access has library management features that easily beat Spotify.

Williams has more but I want to add that Spotify is a much better name than Google Play Music All Access.

Though Spotify has many good point and dominates current mindshare, Williams points out that "Spotify [is] now on notice."

Nokia MixRadio Now Encompasses All Of Nokia's Music Offerings

Last week Nokia "launched Nokia MixRadio with Play Me" in 31 differtent countries. It's a free service built on Nokia Music's streaming service with a paid version called Nokia MixRadio+.

The Nokia MixRadio Windows App includes a "Play Me" button that creates a personal radio station.

Natt Garan goes hands on and shares additional details.

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