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I like the article overall and I have been talking with others in the industry about the lack of competition in Digital DIstribution. The fact of the matter is that we really only have half a handful of real distributors. And, those cut cut even further when looking for physical distro too.

The power of combining Digital and Physical Distribution is clearly needed since this article in glowing terms

"whopping 35% of the global music industry's revenue is coming from digital"

For those of us using MATH that means the other 65% is physical.
So what this tells me is that right now Digital Distributors aren't really making that much money, or there would be more of them.

And, that every time an independent artists fails to release physical as well as digital they FAIL to reach more then HALF of the potential audience for any given release.

BTW this also means that USMADEMUSIC is not matriculating into our export channels and our Census Trade data shows this to be true which if your think about means that we're entertaining our economy to death and making tech dorks rich.

So while encouraging everyone buy indie support locals we have to ask I have to ask is any Digital Distro company making your release available for Black Friday. NO.

The "Silver Conductor"

The Silver Conductor here. A lot depends on if an indie artists has a big enough following that warrants physical product, also if they can afford it. Even though you are suggesting they get it. If you are touring big or small venues I say provide the audience with an opportunity for both. But here is a tip I'll give indie artists as well as majors if you aren't doing it already. BUILD yourself an email list to market to on a later date.your digital well being depends on it.
MusicLuv, The SC.

Jerry Bakkus

We (The Clement) just went with CDBaby for a digital only release. If anyone isn't too familiar with CDBaby, they have a great reputation and are known to go after royalties for their customers. I would highly recommend this route if you're an indy artist. Cheers!


RouteNote is the leading digital music distributor in Europe with over 49,000 artists using the service. Oh.. Did I mention we also have a FREE option. We allow artists to move between a free and premium option depending upon what makes more financial sense for them.

Good Read!

Thanks for the motivations friend!
I think i am not the only one sailing in such a dynamic boat :D


Good Article

AMAdea Music

AMAdea Music is offering FREE digital music distribution (no set-up, annual or any other fees) of your music and you keep 90% of the sales.

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