Turntable.fm To Shut Down: $7M and Celebrity Investors No Match For Music Licensors - hypebot

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8 out of every 10 users I met on that site were just terrible. No one cared about the devs or the community would have at least tried to save it. But that didn't stop each user to complain their entitled little hearts out. Go into any room on tt and you will find an extensive list of unacceptable artist to play that probably includes every artist you can think of. And if you're a dj or artist you'll get kicked and banned from a room befor your song plays 10 seconds. Either robot earred techno dub step or a certain set of 20 specific rap songs is all that is allowed or you get banned from a room. I don't blame the founders for wanting to move on. That community was awful.


Wow, I discovered literally dozens of new artists only after hearing them on Turntable.fm. big loss for everyone involved...


I also did some great discovery's there, some real nuggets I would never found without turntable.fm.
Sad to see them go.

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