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I have over 300 videos on youtube and have not received 1 comment in the past week. I used to get between 1 to 5 comments per night before youtube started forcing people to sign up to google+. This tells me that, although I see that people are still subscribing to my channel, they would rather forgo commenting if it means they have to join google+.

My whole reason for putting videos on youtube was to get people's reaction to a video via their comments. I really looked forward to seeing the comments in my inbox each day.

Unless google reverts back to allowing comments without joining google+, I will no longer upload anymore videos to youtube and will remove 99% of the videos that I already have on youtube. All of the goodwill that google had earned from me is just about gone.

Clyde Smith

I appreciate your sharing. That really sucks.


I agree. I've noticed a huge drop in comment rates on my videos as well. I used to get 2-7 comments per day and now with the Google+ changes, i only get 1-2 per day now. It makes me feel sad that no one is willing to comment anymore and that also makes me want to think that i shouldn't make videos anymore.


As a Youtube video maker, I have found the new system helpful, because I can share my video with people who will be interested in them. Although I know the system is very far from perfect, being able to share videos is fantastic for youtube users hoping to build a profile.

On that note… Here's a fine video about a new Nudist Cafe opening in Dalston.


(Come on, I had to)


I am extremely disappointed with Google's actions. I hope there will be a change soon. And I agree with Pewdiepie and other youtubers disabling comments. It may be a little harsh, but it needs to be done in order to fix them. I do hope google realizes what they are doing and that they need to fix it.


since your email and name on google plus will be connected to your youtube account, there is a bigger privacy violation than facebook, which you could have a fake name on.


I've deleted my YT channel, and I'm in the process of changing my email away from Gmail. Once done, I'm deleting my entire Google account and never looking back.

I've used a Greasemonkey script to block the new YT comments because they are pointless to look at especially if you can't participate in any way.

There's one thing to consider - Google is arrogant, they never never listened to feedback or complaints before. Now go and look at Google stock prices. They shot up $200 when the YT-G+ abomination was born. They smell money (imagine how much coke the execs can snort now!). The arrogant deafness will only increase.

Google is not going to change unless something disastrous occurs like people deleting accounts in droves, and moving to other services. I'm doing my tiny piece to make that happen.

Google is dead to me now.


I don't think the problem is people unwilling to comment. I think the problem is that people won't sign up to another service (Google+) just so they can comment when they already have an otherwise working Youtube account

Justin Boland

"...being able to share videos is fantastic for youtube users hoping to build a profile."

If you're implying you couldn't "share videos" before, you don't have a point. At all.

Hate Google+

By forcing everyone to use something nobody wants, Google is going to kill Youtube. So fuck them, I'm moving to Vimeo.


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