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2 “Revolutionary New Apps”: Upbeat Internet Music Charts and Mindie Music Videos

Mindie-logoTyler Hayes recently wrote about "The Revolutionary New Music Apps You Missed In 2013." I guess he means they're kind of obscure but Hypebot's covered seven of the nine and the other two, Mindie and Upbeat, were on my list. So today we complete our coverage of "The Revolutionary New Music Apps Other People Missed In 2013." One allows you to combine a song clip with a video you make to create a short looping music video and the other gives you the opportunity to share and vote on SoundCloud tracks to create Internet music charts.

Mindie-loopsMindie: Everyday Music Video

Mindie is an iOS app for making "everyday music videos." As it says on iTunes, "pick a song and record a fast and fun video while the music is playing."

They provide the music. You provide the cinematography. The result is a 7-second looping music video.

Tyler Hayes has high hopes for Mindie stating:

"From a big picture perspective it’s also conceivable that Mindie is a chance for artists and fans to redefine the modern-day music video. Instead of needing to share the whole song, sharing the song’s hook along with some visuals may be all an attention-starved generation needs to discover new artists."

For my part, I found it so easy to start making videos that I'd begun before I quite realized what was happening. The only thing I found confusing was how to get past the first video in the feed to see what other people were doing.

Thanks to Whyd co-founder Gilles Poupardin for putting Mindie on my radar.

Upbeat: The Internet's Music Charts

Upbeat-logoI confess, Hypebot heard from Upbeat back in October but I slept. Or maybe that was the cause of my sleep disruption issues but I won't hold that against them.

Tyler Hayes doesn't sound so revolutionary when he discusses Upbeat:

"Upbeat finds a pleasant way to rank user-submitted music. Laid out in three simple columns, Upbeat is exactly what you might hope for in a music chart for the Internet age."

"You can queue tracks, save them, and purchase them on different services. If you’ve been in a new-music funk and need something to shake it, chances are you’ll find some new songs on Upbeat."

I found Upbeat to be a nice discovery tool. All the tracks are from SoundCloud so you get to listen to the whole thing if you wish. And if you want to get more involved you can suggest links from SoundCloud or vote on the worthiness of individual tracks on Upbeat.

Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (Twitter/Facebook) is building a writing hub at Flux Research. To suggest topics about music tech, DIY music biz or music marketing for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.


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