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$0.006 isn't "a fraction of a fraction of a cent". It's three fifths of a cent.


I'm a Spotify super fan and am a power user. I strongly believe streaming services like Spotify, Beats, Rdio, YouTube, etc are the future. Also it's a fact that Spotify will bring more money into the music business than mp3 downloads as soon as they reach a certain number of premium subscribers that pay $10/month. I believe that golden number is 20 million paid subscribers, they are at 6 million now. I believe they will get there soon it's still very early days for streaming. Eventually streaming will bring more money to the music business than mp3 downloads every did so I wish everyone would stop complaining and do your research and get educated! Artists, it's not about how much money they are paying you per stream or this week or this month, think long term. It's an investment in your career and the money is coming. Meanwhlie make it easy for more people to discover your music my making it available via streaming. A big factor non of y'all are considering is people that would never buy your album or mp3, will stream it and stumble upon it my accident and you may gain new fans in the process!

But I do have 2 questions out of curiosity I'm hoping someone here can answer...

1. How long do you have to stream a song for it to count as a stream on Spotify, Beats, Rdio, YouTube? 30 seconds or 2/3 of the song or what?

2. If you have a mp3 file of a song on your computer that you bought elsewhere, Spotify will stream directly from that local file on your computer and therefore they won't have to pay royalties for streams on that particular song which is fair...but if I stream that song via Spotify over and over again and share with my followers, will these streams count in my Spotify total stream counts and charts? I'm guessing no? If I have not downloaded the song for offline listening and I'm listening to the song via mobile, therefore it's pulling the stream from Spotify's servers and not my local file, then maybe it will count as a stream and royalties will be paid? Please clarify.



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