Kanye West On The 'Racist' Grammys: "Fuck Those Nominations" [VIDEO] - hypebot

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Paul Bordenkircher

So Kayne shows himself an self-aggrandizing idiot once again. This is getting tedious...

linda Chorney

Try singing without auto-tune, and maybe you'll win one.


dude, the bottom line is that your latest album sucks. that is the main problem, kanye.

Brett Smithton

the man is a ENTERTAINER....a PERFORMER...NOT A MUSICIAN...and CERTAINLY NOT an ARTIST....BOWIE is an artist/musician...so is STEVIE WONDER>...they are REAL GENIUSES who dont have to go around CALLING THEMSELVES GENIUSES...this guy is a racist clown..

Eugene J Miles

He is speaking the truth Macklemore best rap album over Kendrick Lamar something is going wrong

Rap god

Macklemore is another radio sensationalist , drake , kendrick, kanye , jay z are true hip hop artist who deserved awards and not just . Its not his fault but macklemore probably just got black listed from ever working with those guys he " won " against , no pun intended ? Kanye has the balls to speak his mind reguardless and i respect that .

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