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Ali Shakeri

Hey Clyde,

What's the incentive for a musician to own his own website now that there are social media networks like Facebook and Twitter that can essentially serve as a hub for their online activity?

I think it's essential for them to have websites, but what would you say the reasons behind it are?


Clyde Smith

A lot of what I have to say is in these two posts:



But the bottom line is having a space that you control and a direct connection to your fans.

As long as the connection goes through a third party like Facebook, they can throttle traffic at any time as we've seen so clearly over the last year or two.

So it's crucial to have your own place on the web or else you'll always be subservient to others.


Best reason for an artist developing and owning their own web site is: MySpace.

Ali Shakeri

I like the hub and spokes model that was described as it definitely makes sense for an artist to have a single website that ties their entire web presence together.

Third parties definitely make things a bit interesting for artists, however they might not all be bad and try to restrict the flow of traffic for them.

I guess time will tell if a third party service can get it right. I can see musicians not be as willing to rely on third party services is if they have larger budgets to hire their own developers, begin to fully embrace free website services such as WIX, or learn how to code themselves (which could be a possibility in the next 5 years).

Barrio Latino

There is a huge misbeliefe about domain names... they are not important at all. You can test it for yourself: go to Google, and search for the most competitive keywords. For example "music", you can see that music.com is not even in the first ten results. And this is the same with most of the keywords. Your place in the Google search results (SEO) has almost nothing to do with the domain name. SEO is more about quality content and backlinks.

Clyde Smith

Actually the words in your domain do affect SEO they're just not the only factor.

Additional factors are required to top the search engine rankings. That's why music.com isn't on top.

It is in the top 10 in the search I just did on Google but, more importantly, the majority of the top ten search results have music in the domain or subdomain to which Google links.

Also, though people do increasingly search for things rather than typing in the domains, having an easily remembered domain is a plus in my opinion for those wishing to be found on the web.

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