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Vine To Offer Custom URLs Beginning Tomorrow, Custom Google+ URLs Now Available

Vine-logoIf you'd like a more personal presence on Vine, they are starting a signup process tomorrow for verified Twitter accounts (celebrities basically) and the rest of us on Monday. In addition to a custom URL you'll receive a Vine profile page which is an incredibly overdue addition for gathering one's Vines in one place. Google+ also introduced custom domains in late October and since Hypebot didn't cover that before I wanted to make sure our readers knew.

Though Vine has gotten a lot of attention its product focus has actually undermined its marketing potential for users by making it hard to keep up with what's happening without being an everyday user.

Vine Custom URL's Becoming Available

In a move that should help open things up, Vine is introducing custom URLs for users:

"In order to get your username, log into your account on and there will be a page that will offer instructions on how to register your profile URL."

Verified Twitter account holders will find their Twitter handle reserved. The verification process is one that Twitter bestows at will with no application process. Like many developments on the web, big brands of all kinds eventually get privileged from Google to most major social media services.

Those people can register starting tomorrow, December 20, at 9 am PST.

Ordinary mortals will get a chance on Monday, December 23, no specific time announced.

Ken Yeung of The Next Web is also claiming that, though they don't mention it in the email he got, Vine is also adding "Vine-specific profile pages":

"Currently, when you view someone’s Vine, there’s no option to find previous videos that they’ve done. It would be natural that now you have a custom URL, users will be able to find a catalog of someone’s six second creations."

Of course it would have been nice to have that from the beginning like social media used to always have.

Google+ Custom Domains Now Available

In late October Google+ began introducing custom URLs for accounts that meet the following requirements:

– Has a profile photo, and
– Has at least 10 followers, and
– Has an account that's at least 30 days old

For active users that shouldn't be a problem.

At the end of October they were rolling it out and by now everyone should have that option.


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