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10 Ways Legal Recreational Marijuana Could Help The Music Industry

Willie-nelson-2009As Colorado pushes the U.S. a tiny bit closer to rational drug laws, it's high time to consider the potential positive effects on the music industry of legal recreational marijuana. I'll focus my comments on the U.S. and what might happen here if recreational marijuana was legalized. My belief is that such a move could have positive effects in a variety of ways from reduced police harassment to increased revenue opportunities.

Marijuana has an integral place in American music from jazz to rock, from country to rap. But what would happen if that standing were also legal?

10 Ways Legal Recreational Marijuana Could Help The Music Industry

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1) Easier access and reduced cost for musicians who use marijuana.

2) Fewer musicians getting busted. Reduced stress, legal fees, cancellations, etc.

3) Lucrative tax revenues and reduced policing expenses open up the possibility of better collective support for poor musicians and increased funding for the arts.

4) More audiences interested in listening to your music with special benefits for genres like Ambient. Related increase in commercial potential for chill out rooms.

5) More fun merch items (via Matt Voyno).

6) New product lines for music venues such as appropriate snacks. Vending machine renaissance?

7) Increased possibilities for targeted sponsorships, endorsements and branded media coverage.

8) Increased advertising for music mags and websites.

9) Boosts to tourism and live music.

10) Musicians could start sideline businesses from growing to accessorizing.

In summary: Legal recreational marijuana would be very very good for the music industry.


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  1. HA, just had a call with our Attorney Advisor about whether we could help to distribute a release in a state like CO with weed as part of the packing. Short answer is NO.

  2. So the long answer is in theory it may be possible, however for non colorado based companies (or any state where it’s been legalized) the registration as a provider is issue, Also what the feds would do to a company that crosses an i wrong or don’t cross a t let alone moves even a single piece of this outside of said State would face National drug laws and non of them are kind to distributors….. “Seriously I had the best RecordStore Day packaging in mind……… Oh well….

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