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12 Ways To Make More Money With Your Music

Make-it-rainCyber PR celebrated the holidays with a series of posts titled "12 Days of Monetization" featuring 13 writers, including a bonus poster, discussing a variety of ways to make money with your music. The approaches range from psychological to technical but they all offer practical tips and ideas for improving your money-making abilities. Whether you need to shift your perspective or simply tighten up your ecommerce game, there really is something for everybody here and, for a change, that's not a bad thing.

Ariel Hyatt discusses "12 Days of Monetization" and what she hopes to achieve with the series:

"There is a lot of focus on what artists are not getting, and on the struggle. I want to focus instead on how to get a little bit more on what we all want, and that is to make money with our music. In that spirit, I have asked 12 of my favorite people to share with me their thoughts on monetization."

And share they did:

12 Days of Monetization

1) 60 Do’s and Don’ts of Monetizing Your life in Music – Julie Flanders

2) What’s Really Stopping You From Making Money From Music? – Nikki Loy

3) How to Make Money from Live Shows - John Taglieri

4) How Do You Get People to Buy Your Music? – Debra Russell

5) Selling Direct-to-Fan via Your WordPress Website – Ross Barber

6) 12 Ways to Make Money from YouTube – Jay Frank

7) Making Money from YouTube Part 2 - Bobby Owsinski

8) What Will it Really Take to Make Money from Music? - John Oszajca

9) Connecting with Fans Through Contests - Corie Kellman

10) 4 Alternative Avenues to Monetize Your Music - Michael Shoup

11) Invest In Yourselves – Peggy Dold

12) 5 Super Simple Steps That Will Make You Money At Your Next Show - Madalyn Sklar

B) It’s 2014. Time To Stop Starving and Start Living Empowered! – Jo-Ná A. Williams

Now go make that money!

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