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I think soundcloud really needs to work out the glitches that are causing the site to go completely offline at times. It happened twice in the past week during peak time high traffic hours. As a music blog owner I hear how those downtimes are a major inconvenience to the readers. You would expect more from a service that is used by so many people in this industry.


#1 Distribution is Everything (DiE) and combining digital and physical distribution strategies will be the single most helpful tactic that any artists/band can make in 2014. If you don't have a clicks to bricks solution you aren't doin it right.

Larry Sarzyniak

Nelson - agreed.

Regarding #2 on the list
The music industry marketers have been struggling for years with converting the "super casual music consumers" into the loyal consumers. How much does the ""super casual music consumers" spend on music each year? $60-100??? Maybe. The streaming services should focus on exclusives opportunities for their users, strengthen the relationship with the current base, and creating technology that will separate them from their competitors. Right now, the services are all kind of the same. How can you get more listeners from radio to build your streaming subs? From what I read about Beats at some point they would be offering services to sell tickets and merch for artists. The streaming services need to find a way to partner with labels and work towards a long term vision.

Dave Barnett

I think Spotify needs to focus more on independents and less on labels since the writing is on the wall for labels. Over 50% of the grammy's this year went to independents.

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