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Art-alexakis-teaches-lacmThe recently renamed Los Angeles College of Music (LACM formerly LAMA) is spreading the word that Art Alexakis of Everclear fame has been named their new Songwriting Program Chair. They kicked things off with a LACM student project, a music video for an original song featuring Art Alexakis, that was created on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and debuted at the annual Imagine Party. Alexakis is pictured at left working with a LACM student on the bus and appears in the video below.

The Los Angeles College of Music announced their new name and new faculty member at last week's NAMM trade show. This week they're spreading the word more widely with an official announcement and an appearance on the Lennon Bus YouTube channel:

"Free" by The Former feat. Art Alexakis from Everclear

LACM is based in Pasadena offering degree programs in Music Performance and Music Production.

Art Alexakis is now Department Chair of their new Songwriting Program. The full list of faculty shows plenty of pro experience but Alexakis is clearly the star power in this group.

The music video above was the result of a 9 hour session on the Lennon Bus. It does a nice job of presenting Alexakis as someone who's willing to join in with students as no doubt a very influential member of the team.

Art Alexakis brings a great deal of experience to LACM. I remember when Everclear was really getting big and one of his bandmates noted that when he was putting the band together he was using a bunch of music business language that artists didn't normally use. Basically it's the stuff they learn on the job as they work their way through the industry but Alexakis was good to go.

Since then he's hit the heights with Everclear, gone on to experience the world of legacy acts and probably has a pretty complete picture of how the music industry works.

[Thumbnail image source: Art Alexakis.]


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