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Beats Music Is Available Now

image from livemusicblog.comUPDATED: Much anticipated streaming music service Beat Music is live and available in the US on iOS, Android, Windows, Sonos, and on the web. The Android version may still be in beta, according to some reports. A first look shows the anticipated creative design and a unique 'tells us what music you like' feature to get the user started. 

The moment that the app is launched it's clear that Beats Music is mobile-first and centered around playlists - both human and machine created. We'll have more as we spend time with the app today.

Perhaps because it is so new, early on Tuesday morning, a search for the app on iTunes did find Beats Music. But it can be accessed and downloaded via the link on the company's site here.  There is no free tier, as on Spotify, but the 7 day trial only requires your iTunes login.