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Arthur Diner

Everyone online uses attention grabbing titles or search engine rich phrases to get their stuff seen, read, watched or listened to. Every blog has the ability to enter search terms for precisely this reason. That's the internet. To criticise him for that is ridiculous. Neither is he flooding the market making it difficult for others to get heard because no one else is doing what he's doing, unless theirs a struggling artist filled burgeoning Birthday/Prom and Poop song collective I have not heard about!
People either listen or they don't, Matt stays within the rules of each site and those that begrudge him a meager living but accept the constant ad bombardment we get from almost every other irritating and idiot company out there online need to realise what ingenuity, inventiveness, talent and time this all takes to create.
He doesn't advertise, he doesn't bombard twitter or facebook, his website is a subtle, home made affair and any attention he's now getting, he's getting through people discovering his work and loving it organically. People should be happy. Not calling it spam.

Clyde Smith

Hard to argue with that!


This man is a genius... pure genius. I especially like his songs about food. The Spolied Chefs rock!

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