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Forbes 30 Under 30: Music List Juxtaposes Pop Stars and Music Tech Founders

Forbes-30-under-30This is the third year of Forbes 30 Under 30 featuring outstanding young people across industries. Music is included and, as in previous years, the business people are primarily in music tech. Though all music companies will ultimately be music tech companies to some degree, it's interesting to see an industry list that isn't a tech list yet features tech founders. Bruno Mars tops the list this year offering a nice balance given that he's accomplished quite a bit yet rarely appears in music tech reports.

Forbes honors 30 Under 30 for the third year including music among fifteen industries.

As in previous years, with a surprising number of repeats, music tech startup founders dominate the included business people.

Forbes 30 Under 30: Music

Bruno Mars - 28, Musician

Avicii - 24, Musician

Justin Bieber - 19, Musician

J. Cole - 28, Musician

Miley Cyrus - 21, Musician

Donnie Dinch - 29, Founder, WillCall

Drake - 27, Musician

Derrick Fung - 26, Founder, Tunezy

Calvin Harris - 29, Musician

Hunter Hayes - 22, Musician

Kim Kaupe - 28, Cofounder, 'ZinePak

Lady Gaga - 27, Musician

Kendrick Lamar - 26, Musician

Ryan Lewis - 25, Producer

Lorde - 17, Musician

Miguel - 28, Musician

Janelle Monae - 28, Musician

One Direction - 19 to 22, Musicians

Wilson Owens - 28, Cofounder, Royalty Exchange

Jordan Passman - 27, Founder, ScoreAScore

Katy Perry - 29, Musician

Rihanna - 25, Musician

Peter Asbill, Elliott Breece - Both 29, Cofounders, Songza

James "J" Sider - 29, Founder, BandPage

Allen Stone - 26, Musician

Taylor Swift - 24, Musician

Sam Tarantino, Josh Greenberg - 27, 26, Cofounders, Grooveshark

Alex White - 27, Cofounder, Next Big Sound

Wiz Khalifa - 26, Musician

Zedd - 24, Musician


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