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Chris Seth Jackson

That's great to hear companies besides PumpAudio, Music XRay, and TAXI to get placement. Thanks for the article, Emily!

Ari Herstand (Ari's Take)

Very thorough and concrete article. One of the best I've read about placements. Well done!


How do these placements work for hip hop producers like myself who may use samples from time to time? Who does the sample clearances, the artist, the publisher or the placement company? Or will you only have a slim to none chance of getting songs placed if they contain samples?

Emily White

Hi Fess!

For sample based music to work in the above scenarios you would have to have the samples pre-cleared on both the master and publishing side for your reps to work the material. That will be relatively tough to do based on how big the material is you are sampling from, but you could also potentially find a rep who is willing to help you clear the samples when requests come up. Again, making your reps life as easy as possible is going to lead to more placements however; so the more material you give them that is original and that you own, the faster this work can get done.

Synch placement world moves VERY quickly and having to negotiate amongst too many parties will unfortunately turn off some music supervisors.

Hope that helps!


Travis shaver

Thanks for the great article Emily. I am a self published completely independent artist. Over the last year I have placed 5 of my songs and created a few custom tracks in ads for a major car company. Currently I am working on music for there upcoming tv commercial. Feeling a little bit of wind behind the sail has prompted me to try find more of this type of work, commercial, ads, film score etc. I noticed Zync and Bankrobber in addition to most labels, management, PR etc. does not accept unsolicited material. Being an independent artist in a unsolicited, unreprested, underfunded world, what do you recommend I do next to expand my business? Who should I be reaching out to first now that I feel I have something worth talking about?
Thanks again for your ongoing advice : )
- Travis Shaver


taxi is known to scam acts be careful with them.

Emily White

Nice! Sounds like you're ready for a publisher Travis, over an independent synch pitching company based on your awesome track record and need for those works to be collected on properly.


Hi Emily,

Great article!

Do you have any recommendations for someone who isn't attempting to further their own performance career, but is just focusing on songwriting? Is there anything music supervisors look for in terms of vetting those types of writers?

For example, I'm a musician with a band, but I also write and record a good deal of music that wouldn't fit my group, that I would also like to potentially get placed.



Interesting article. Could you please give a couple of examples of the sort of "Music retitling companies" you mean.
Do you mean the company called "jinlepunks"?
I don't really understand which organisations you suggest: audio network dot com? audio jungle?

Christian Champagne

Thanks kindly for this info. Very helpful and i appreciate it!

jeff brodnax

great info thanks a bunch...

J Mason

Much appreciated! Thank you Emily!


amazing article, Emily...thanks so much ;)


Awesome article! My ban is trying to transition into add etc. placements, and I am under the assumption that in order to do initial submitting to music houses like the ones you mentioned above, music dealers,jingle punks etc. At what point do we need to become members of BMI,or ASCAP? Do you have any other companies you would recommend?

Emily White

Hey Cole! Definitely sign up for 1 domestic PRO (ASCAP / BMI / SESAC in the U.S). no matter what! Super important.

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