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HypedMusic Shuts Down After RIAA Warning

hypedmusic logoFree music streaming siite and app HypedMusic has shut down after receiving a warning notification from the RIAA.  HypedMusic pulled tracks from Soundcloud, YouTube and Tumblr. Users could generate playlists, which were synced across platforms. The teenage developer, Luke Li, thought he was safe, since the sites his UI linked to were covered by the DMCA's safe harbor provisions, and he offered a simple takedown procedure. But the RIAA disagreed:

In an email to the 18 year old, the RIAA wrote:

“By indexing, linking to, transmitting, retransmitting, providing access to, and/or otherwise assisting users in streaming and downloading infringing copies of sound recordings emanating from various unauthorized sources on the Internet, these applications are violating U.S. copyright law.

Therefore, we demand that you immediately cease making this application available for distribution."

image from"I’m 18 years old, and I definitely do not want to get sued," wrote Li on his blog. "I am not a lawyer, so I’m not sure if this is exactly a cease-and-desist, but I definitely did not want to test the RIAA out on this case."

HypedMusic did have its share of fans. "The iPhone and Android apps also really took off," according to Li."I was (at some point) ranked 45th on Top New Free Music Apps in the Android Play Store, 28th on Top Free Music Apps in the U.S. iTunes store, and 1st on Top Free Music Apps on France and other international iTunes stores."

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  1. I have to say this anonymously to protect my source… but an executive at the RIAA who is VERY high up told me that this is the year they will finally be wreaking havoc on the internet. LOTS of shut downs & LOTS of law suits…. and it’s not just 18 year olds. Some HUGE (yes, THAT huge) companies will be targets.
    The end is neigh.

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