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BaboomKim Dotcom has been promising to launch  'revolutionary' music service Baboom for many months to take on Spotify and iTunes. Today we finally got a first look at the platform, or at least part of it. Baboom has launched a single sample artist page from... Kim Dotcom.

image from distilleryimage4.s3.amazonaws.comThis first album to be released on Baboom is Dotcom's "GoodTimes", which is also now available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere. So far the demo page hints at a flashy design and the usual search, library and jukebox features. In addition to music streaming, Baboom artist pages will include bio, photo and video galleries; plus the the option to download content that artists offer free.

But, as we have for months, we'll have to wait to see what Baboom really has to offer. The newest estimated launch date is "late 2014".

Interested artists and fans can apply for beta access here.