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Topspin Cuts Staff 44% - CONFIRMED

image from www.rollogrady.comUPDATED: Topspin has now confirmed that cut 14 employees yesterday, or about 44% of staff.  While the company declined further comment, the move is being described by some as redirecting the company back to it's original mission. "They're focusing on their platform, their technology and their data," former Topspin executive Gary Brotman told Billboard. "That was the idea from the beginning, and going back to that makes sense because it's Topspin's strong suit."


THE ORIGINAL STORY: There were major staff layoffs on Wednesday at direct to fan platform Topspin Media. We have been able to confirm that Jessica Savage in the artist relations team and Head of Operations Brad Barrish, with Topspin since 2009, were among those let go today.  But a variety of reports point to much deeper cuts

Several ex-Topspin employees have confirmed the layoffs on Twitter:

Several tweets pointed to "half" and "a majority" of the Topspin team beng let go.  Topspin has confirmed the layoffs, but declined to comment. It's been just over a year since then president Ian Rogers left the company for the just launched Beats Music and about 4 months since SVP Bob Moczydlowsky exited for Twitter.  

Ironically, Topspin began advertising to fill a Director of Product Management opening today.  The job opening has been removed tom the Topspin site. [Thanks to @MusicGeekSvcs for the heads up. ]

Check back for more details as we get them.