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Tamas Bodzsar

Affiliate links to your own CD makes no sense at all... Why would you send your visitors to another site, when you can sell your own stuff on your own site?? And you can set your own price, you don't have to pay a percentage to anyone from that money. And btw how much money you earn with an affiliate link to a CD? 5 cents maybe? And the distributor also get a cut. Makes no sense.

Clyde Smith

If you look at what musicians are actually doing on their sites, you'll see a lot of them linking out to iTunes, in particular.

Not everybody is going to sell everything themselves and it doesn't always make sense to start your own digital download or mail order operation.

So if you are going to link to iTunes, why wouldn't you want to increase your revenue with an affiliate link?

It's kind of a no-brainer.

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