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I really don't think he crossed the line. You said yourself that e-cigarettes are not that the same as regular cigarettes. It's a product endorsement just like any other. It's up to the fans to decide whether they will support the product he is endorsing. Ralph Lauren also sponsors Avicii but that doesn't mean all his fans started buying Ralph Lauren products because of the endorsement.

Stephen Joseph Antonelli

Honestly, I have no problem with licensing song in ads. in fact I do it for a living. The only problem I have with this is the song he chose. "Hey Brother/Hey Sister" is such a powerful and emotional song. It doesn't match the ad at all in my opinion. Seems he did for the money, which is totally understandable since he's a businessman, but sacrificed artistic credibility with me.

However, I love the pic of him at the top of this ad!

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