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MKS_avatarMusic Kickup began as Music Kickstarter, soon changing the name and launching what was described as a "cloud based record label." Last month they closed their Beta program and are launching their full service in February at Midem. One part of that launch includes a free distribution service to digital music stores including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer. Sign up now to be in on developments.

Music Kickup currently states on their homepage and in a blog post titled "Beta Testing Done":

"When we started Music Kickup we wanted to re-envision how musicians can work, collaborate, sell music and do business in the 21st century. Focus on how to really impact and advance careers - structure all parts into a cohesive product that just makes sense. We want to go to 11."

"We’ve been working with thousands of artists for the past two years to materialize the vision we’ve had. We’re ecstatic that we can finally say 'we’ve nailed it!'..."

"The upcoming service will be the ultimate tool for musicians, managers and indie labels - we can’t wait to show it to you and get you building your career with us."

They also state that, in the interim, they're promoting Music Kickup Distribution, which they describe as the "worlds first 100% free digital distribution service to most major digital music stores."

So though the Midem announcement seems to focus on the distribution service, that's just one part of what Music Kickup's new artist service will be.

Submission to digital music stores is one of many digital services that is gradually becoming commodified. That process not only leads to low-cost options like DistroKid but free options as expected features of larger offerings.

For example, during Tunezy's development, they eventually included ecommerce services for free with musicians simply covering PayPal transaction fees.

In this case, the larger Music Kickup service is being teased with free distribution. In one sense this could simply be viewed as a freemium offering, giving something away for free with premium features to follow, but it also sounds like a free feature that is designed to be part of the larger service, one on which the rest of the service is built.

In any case, Music Kickup seems well worth watching.

For more on the early days:


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