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Zach writes: "If a user searches Katy Perry – California Girls Free Download, iTunes is not the best result for this release and shouldn’t rank as such".

I beg to differ: If someone is searching for a free download of Kathy Perry California Girls, they are clearly looking for a way to get around paying for it. IE: illegally download it.

They should be directed to a website that is legal like iTunes of Amazon mp3 etc.


You say that 'blanket censoring a website is a bit draconian'. Maybe you are unaware that Google routinely does this for sites where a 'large fraction' of material is deemed (by Google) to be 'spam'. See Do you have a problem with that?


How about Google demote each of these Top 200,000 sites one page deep into search for every 1,000 DMCA notices they get per month... simple, easy, effective.

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