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vigilantcitizen.com send to next your friends and real wake up

Imperial Optimist

... also likely has other plans, as well ... similarly, again, equally, too


Ohhhh it's about time! This is what we need!

Dave Barnett

YouTube is already the YouTube of Audio


I love Hypebot, but what's w/ the typos? A simple spell check.

The Electrifying Moo

Is Soundcloud the new myspace, forgetting the indies that is be the marrow of their bones? That mistake sent myspace down the drain twice. And still, the world of finance won't listen :)


I totally agree that focusing on the Majors that only have 10 % of the content and ignoring the Indies which make up the other 90 is a strange biz decision; However the door is open to anyone that realizes that 3 companies don't make the music biz.

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