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WholeWorldBand Collaboration Platform Wins Buma Meets Tech Award At Eurosonic Noorsderlag

Wholeworldband-logoEurosonic Noorsderlag is a major European music conference and showcase. The Buma Music Meets Tech Award was given out for this first time this year in an effort to support music tech companies. WholeWorldBand, a "music platform that combines audio and video to create a global recording studio in the cloud" took top honors with its collaboration offering based on "Seed Tracks" from big stars and emerging artists alike that are then available for others to add their part and create variations.

Quite a few awards are handed out at Eurosonic Noorsderlag including the opening night's European Festival Awards.

Introduction to WholeWorldBand

This year a new award was sponsored by copyright organization Buma/Stemra, the Buma Music Meets Tech Award.

Eleven startups competed for the honor and a €5000 cash prize.

WholeWorldBand won. Here's how they describe themselves:

"Using the WholeWorldBand app is like entering a virtual recording studio. Users just pick a recording session and play or sing along. Alternatively they can upload their own song (or Seed Track) and let others add to it, becoming a record producer by creating a Video Mix of the recorded tracks with up to six performers. When they’ve made something great, they can share it with the world on social media."

You may get a better sense from the video above but many of the Seed Tracks are coming from big rock stars like Taylor Hawkins, Ronnie Wood, Stewart Copeland, Phil Manzanera and Dave Stewart. The company also points out:

"WholeWorldBand contains a sophisticated digital rights management system that enables artists to earn revenue for the work they contribute, so if your work gets used you get paid and with major artists already uploading Seed Tracks, this is your chance to play on a major hit record."

It's nice to see this kind of open studio approach being taken with rock music. It's not quite remix culture but it's a nice step in realizing how advancements often championed in hip hop or electronic music can work for rock music.


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