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I don't know, is it just me or are most music streaming services kind of "flash in the pan" ? To be fair, I don't actually listen to the radio anymore, but at it's best, it still miles ahead as a format experience than streaming has been so far. I think that's why Youtube is so popular, it's the closest thing to a "radio type" experience on the web, in my opinion. I can listen to a review of a new album, check out the album itself, and engage in discussion in the comments. Youtube has led to discoveries for me, and sales for whichever artist I'm getting into.

I was heavy into Pandora in their earliest days. I think what turned me off at the time was the lack of curation, combined with the genre separation, and having to create a new station to hear different things. Web based companies have to get into the idea of UI design, how the user interacts with their product. No one has beat "spinning the dial" or push button presets yet.

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