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5 Reasons Why Taking Extra Time to Plan Each Day Will Make You a Happier Person

Time-managementAre you constantly running out of time in your day? Starting tomorrow's to-do list with what you should have finished yesterday? Trust me, you're not the only one! Time management is an important skill to posses, critical to employ, and difficult to maintain if not practiced daily.

How do you begin to be a better manager of your time? Simple - start today. Sari Delmar brings us 5 reasons we should put in the extra time to keep our days on track on

"It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much work there is to be done and just dive in, rather than to take a second to step back and organize all the work before doing so. I would argue that taking 5 to 30 minutes each day (depending on your quantity of tasks) to organize and lay out your tasks will allow you to be more productive while you tackle them."

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