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Beats Music, Rdio Coming To Google Chromecast, Spotify Lags Behind

image from www.digitaltrends.comStreaming music services Rdio and Beats Music both took to Twitter to share news that their working in integration with Google's popular streaming stick Chromecast. But Spotify's only statement on the subject has made it clear, Chromecast is not a priority. Company representatives still point inquires to: "due to several prevailing priorities we’re going to have to say 'not right now' to this idea.”

Consumers have shown again and again that they want the music they want wherever they want it; along with a willingness to shift sources to get it.

The Beats tweet:

 @DJ8218521 Hi there, great suggestion. We're working with Google to add Chromecast. Upvote this feature here: -tt

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The Rdio tweet:

@journeydan Our team is already working on developing support for Chromecast. Stay tuned

Rdio Support (@RdioHelp) February 4, 2014

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