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BeatStars Leaves Beta Behind, Debuts Pro Pages

Main-BeatStarS-LogoFor a company that just officially exited beta, BeatStars has quite a long history going back to the prior decade and an earlier identity as BeatKings. However in 2009 they launched an alpha version as BeatStars, went open beta in 2011 and now leave beta behind with a well-developed marketplace for beats and some serious industry relationships. Of particular import to beatmakers, BeatStars now offers Pro Pages so you can "create your own custom beat selling website."

Hisham Dahud's previously covered BeatStars development for Hypebot including a product profile, news of their partnership with INgrooves Fontana and their release of a Spotify app.

You can also check out a bit of their history via CrunchBase and you see a company that has continued to grow and improve their marketplace.

BeatStars - Your Beat. Your Story

Given that there has been continuous product development, the biggest news here seem to be the introduction of Pro Pages. I'm not familiar with premium options they may have previously offered but their features list, including Pro Pages, is pretty impressive at this stage with extremely reasonable pricing including a free option.

It's also important to note that they combine a public marketplace that is now well-established with HTML5 widgets, social media integrations, a Facebook store, licensing and distro options and custom domains for Pro Pages. So it's not one of those deals that's all about driving traffic to someone else's web property in hopes of getting a bit of marketing or sales in return.

BeatStars' announcement features four Pro Pages with custom domains:

Illmind Beats

Funk Volume Beats

Havoc Beats

Focus Beats

Unbelievably, based on my former full-time work in hip hop media and my continued fandom, I'm amazed to have opened so many pages in my browser without once having to scramble to turn down the volume due to obnoxious autoplay manuevers.

I don't know if that's built into the system but I have to tip my hat to such a sane choice!

Congratulations to BeatStars and CEO Abe Batshon for staying the course.


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