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I received yesterday an e-mail from CMT Artists, saying that my music was "featured in the CMT Artists app!"

One problem: I never signed up for CMT Artists. (I did sign up for MTV Artists, and it was an MTV artists e-mail address in the header.) If I search using my artist name on the CMT Artists website, my MTV Artists profile shows up (same for VH1 Artists website).

Another problem? I'm not a country music artist. My music is progressive rock. Except for one semi-acoustic song that a country fan might like, my music is nowhere near country. It's clearly tagged as art/prog rock on my MTV artists profile.
So why did I get this e-mail? Was it sent by mistake? Or is CMT Artists just going to throw all the MTV Artists in CMT Artists? In that case, what's the point of the app in the first place? It makes me question if they understand their audience at all.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Brian K.

Same thing happened to me.

Clyde Smith

Electrotype - I searched all three sites on the web. Your name does come up but it's your MTV profile that is then provided and the url clearly says MTV for me.

So you're not listed in CMT or VH1's database as part of their sites. People looking for you are sent to the right place.

I don't find you on the CMT mobile app at all which makes sense cause it's a native app and so they probably limited its range.

But if that kind of thing worries you, what do you think about the Algorithmic Prison?



I searched the CMT Artists website ( http://www.cmt.com/artists/ ), not the CMT app. I was questioning whether the CMT Artists/app team had really been focused by sending me an e-mail about being "featured" in their app. As you didn't find me in the CMT app, it was either a mistake or an attempt to advertise the app by sending an ambiguously-worded e-mail to others with MTV Artists profiles.

I was never worried about anything. In fact, I was more amused than upset! It's not my problem, after all.

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