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EDM Insiders Reveal How Electronic Music Clubs Use Social Media

Global-clubbing-dialoguesWoo Media just released the third report in their research trilogy investigating how leading electronic music clubs use social media and related digital tools for marketing the club and expanding the impact of live events. The reports include a wide range of practical tips and suggestions based on what clubs are actually doing with social media to build their brand and publicize their events. The insights are relevant beyond EDM and electronic music and offer creative ways to connect directly with one's market via social media.

Woo Media is a pr and digital strategy agency focused on electronic music. Their research reports are free and intended to support electronic music promoters in particular. However each report includes some great ideas and insights for understanding the role of social media in music marketing beyond venues.

Woo Media Reports:

The world's Top 100 nightclubs & social media

"How do the temples of electronic music use the internet to become a global mass phenomenon?"

The world's top nightclubs & Twitter

"Twitter provides so much information, sometimes it's complicated to extract conclusions. We have reduced all this welter to five variables. Electronic music brands can adjust their level of activity, collaboration and interaction. As a reward, they obtain impact and authority."

"We have applied this methodology to analyze how the world's top dance clubs use Twitter. "

Global Clubbing Dialogues

"Global Clubbing Dialogues is the last installment of the trilogy of research reports conducted by Woo Media that analyze the link between the clubbing culture and social media."

"The a valuable cross-cultural reflection on the phenomenon of clubbing and its bond with the Internet. It examines how the live music business functions, what role technology plays in it and what types of brand-customer relation lead to success."

The third report was released in beta in a digital magazine format in order to be available during the RIO Music Conference now in progress.


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