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Fluence Streamlines The Music Feedback Process

Fluence-app-logoGetting feedback for your music can be an iffy proposition. Friends often base feedback on the relationship more so than the music. Strangers may not have an incentive to listen. While the internet has improved the situation in some respects, the process can be pretty hit or miss. Fluence is a new startup that's attempting to tackle that problem and they appear to be off to a good start.

I found out about Fluence via a Facebook post from Brian Hazard who is one of the Influencers using Fluence.

Fluence seeks to bring together Creators and Influencers, Experts and/or Professional Curators. Creators can include startups and entrepreneurs but I'm focusing on the music feedback process.

Creators can simply sign up. Influencers apply to participate and are paid for certain activities.

You can browse Influencers here.

For Creators the basic idea is that you can submit music for free without giving your credit card if you want to check things out and be considered via Discovery Sessions. Your music will be available for those Influencers who choose to seek out additional music for their purposes, whatever those might be, and will give uncompensated feedback.

If you want more assured or targeted feedback, you pay a fee based on the length of the content Influencers listen to. Influencers may also spread the word of your music on social media depending on their response.

The blog seems to be the best source of public information if you haven't signed up. Two case studies can give you a sense of the process and feedback:

Promoting to Curators, Influencers, and Experts. A Fluence Success Story.

A Fluence Success Story: Michael-David Bushman

You'll note the feedback examples given include not only a response to the music but some possibilities for where one might take it in relationship to the industry.

Looks like Fluence is off to a strong start by supporting both sides of the feedback equation.


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