Google Pushes You Tube To Top Of New Music Search Results

image from www.youtube.comUsers searching for a song or music video on Google will now find YouTube prominently at the top of new search results. For example, a fan searching for "Sunray Venus Throwing Muses" nets a large graphic box that appears to be a player, but actually links to the video on YouTube.


Search results are not always to official videos.

The change is consistent with other Google moves to integrate and promote its many products and services within it's own ecosystem.  Putting YouTube at the top of more search results could also be part of the run-up to the rumored launch of a YouTube music streaming service.

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  1. We monitor the data daily across several thousand songs as their has not been a recent jump in the rankings for Youtube videos. They have averaged a ranking of 1.9 when served for going on 2 years.

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