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In Defense of 1,000 True Fans - Robyn Dell'Unto's Multifaceted Approach to Fan Engagement

Facebook-EngagementTaking every opportunity to learn from others is an excellent strategy to being successful in any industry. Networking is an important part of creating and maintaining the positive connections you make along the way, and networking is key to keeping your fans engaged in your journey through the new music business.

Today on, Ariel Hyatt brings us an interview with Cyber PR's campaign manager, Andrew Salmon. Join the conversation on crowdfunding, user generated content, and social media management. Share what worked for you, what hasn't, all while seizing the opportunity to learn something new.

"The hustle and heart of the indie artist is still a necessity in today’s music industry, and the focus remains to have an all-encompassing view of every avenue needed to reach the widest possible audience, and tap into all possible revenue streams."

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