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Pandora Can Predict How You'll Vote, And They're Going To Sell It

image from media.cmgdigital.comPandora knows if you're a Republican or Democrat; and for a few shekels they're willing to share it. In the latest unintended consequence of online activity tracking, Pandora is rolling out an ad service that matches musical choices by zip code to learn how a user is likely to vote. Bob Marley listeners live in primarily Democratic districts, Dolly Parton fans live in Republican areas and (we suspect much to his chagrin) Bruce Springsteen listeners vote either way. 

Genres also offer hints at political leanings. Country, Gospel and New Age fans lean Republicans, while jazz, reggae, R&B and EDM listeners usually live Democratic areas.  Pandora's director of product management, Jack Krawczyk told the Wall Street Journal that Pandora's voting predictions are 75-80% accurate. 

Take the WSJ "Pandora Picks Political Ads Based on Musical Tastes" quiz here.