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Pandora Smokes iTunes In New Survey

itunes vs. PandoraSo much for the media created horse race between Pandora and iTunes Radio. A new NPD sampling of 328 users showed 71% had reported listening to Pandora in the last week, compared to just 15% to iTunes. YouTube had been used by 43% in the previous week and iHeartRadio drew 23%.

Spotify, Slacker and Rdio each claimed only single digit percentage use, in the survey.

One of Pandora's greatest advantaged over iTunes Radio is its availability on multiple platforms both inside and outside of the Apple iOS ecosystem, according to RAIN. I'd add resistance to change as another factor: once you spent hours fine tuning your Pandora playlists, what is the real motivation to change?


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  1. If you bought into iTunes Match, which is the easiest way to back up your digital collection in the cloud (I used to use MP3Tunes), then the Radio is free . . . I guess I would ask how many are paying for Pandora vs iTunes
    To my mind Pandora is an inferior product but easier to get if you don’t want to pay anything. If you listen to more obscure selections, you’ll find the playlists are pretty small

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