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Pause: Free iPad Mag Says Slow Down and Enjoy The Best Music

Pause_promoBy Eliot Van Buskirk of

The pace of information these days is astounding, as has been reported millions of times today by people all over the planet. It’s not easy to keep up.

The aptly named Pause magazine, released today for iPad, aims to take stock, four times per year, of the most important developments in music for that quarter (the premiere issue is “best of 2013).

Pause1If you blinked, you missed a lot; Pause wants to help you kick back and pore over the last three months (or year) in music, at a slower pace than the one to which you are probably accustomed. It’s just the so-called “important” stuff, and only the best articles written about that music, as determined by Pause staff.

So why would someone launch a quarterly music magazine in an age of micro-second, mass-tweeting about Olympians’ facial expressions?

“This was just a feeling,” explained Pause founder and founder Tim Heineke to “The big thing is that it’s finite — no endless stream. The best posted music: audio, video, charts, and even music writing (which we want to collect as well) is in it. So basically, this is what people have missed or should listen too.”

Also, it’s free.

Screenshots courtesy of Pause.


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