Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: February 14, 2014
Americana Music Association Appoints New Exec Committee, Announces 2014 Convention Date

Radio Still Reaches 90% Of U.S. Audience, 242 Million Weekly [Infographic]

radioLong left for dead, broadcast radio today still reaches more than 90 percent of everyone in the U.S. on a weekly basis, according to a new Nielson survey. 242 million people listen to the radio each week, and this impressive reach stretches across demographics, ethnicities and geographies.

What seems to be saving radio is that is a hyper-local medium serving each unique community. On average, consumers listen 2.5 hours a day; and its an audience often reached right before they arrive to shop. They have money to spend with 2/3rds of the weekly audience working full-time and tuning in during the working day.