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Boggie-retouchedTinie Tempah now has a rap app that lets you replace your mouth with his. There's got to be a better way to describe it but you'll get what I mean from the below video. If that's not your thing, check out a full-length music video created from Vines by Royal Forest. Or perhaps you want a bit more social critique with your art. In that case, you'll appreciate Boggie getting retouched while her video is in progress.

Tinie Tempah App

Tinie Tempah | Rap Demonstration App Trailer

Tinie Tempah demonstrates his Rap Demonstration app currently available from the UK iTunes store.

It works like this:

"The Rap Demonstration app works by using custom built sound analysis software to determine which Tinie Tempah song you’re listening to, before dropping you directly into a video of Tinie rapping along to that song, perfectly matched up to the music you’re listening to. Hold your phone up to your mouth, and you’re now rapping like Tinie."

Connect Enough Vines & You've Got A Music Video

Royal Forest | Keeping Time | Made with Vine

Royal Forest, who apparently enjoy alternative recording environment, took to the field to record vines designed to be stitched together for a complete music video:

"Royal Forest wrote, recorded, and shot the song/video within the constraints of Vine's six-second intervals. Created on the locale of Austin's Balcones Park, the field recorded song comes to life in a cluster of moving parts and pictures through the help of four iPhones connected together through Vine and some savvy assembly."

Retouching Boggie

Boggie - Nouveau Parfum

Boggie gets retouched in what some say is a music video in "real-time."

However The Verge disputes such assertions.

Controversy? Not really. It's the visual effect that matters and it's quite engaging.


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