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Nana-1Nana is a social music platform that allows iPhone app users to record, post and collaborate on short tracks. In the past Nana has held offline meetups for users to get to know each other. Recently they expanded the idea to hold a collaborative music festival bringing together performers and Nana users to make music together. And to complete the circle they shared all 4.5 hours via TwitCasting

Nana is self-described as the "free music social service for sharing singing voice and instrumental sound to connect people on the earth."

Let's sing "We Are The World"!!

Nana encourages everyone to sing and make music together by providing tools for posting, providing feedback and collaborating on 90-second songs.

According to The Bridge, Nana is quite active

"More than 5000 songs are posted on Nana everyday, with the average time for a user to stay on the site amount to 230 minutes per month. The monthly number of plays has surpassed 3.5 million."

Currently it's available as a free iOS app with an Android app on the way.

Nana recently held a music festival with a collaborative element. Nana Founder and CEO Akinori Fumihara stated:

"Since Nana’s launch, we have regularly organized offline meetups for our users. But as a music service provider, I have been wanting to hold a live music event for a long time. I set the concept as a culture festival for Nana users by Nana users."

"I always wanted to help create 'Sunday artists', those who work during the week and then work on the music projects on weekends."

The event attracted around 120 young "Nana-min" for a broadcast powered by TwitCasting with 10,000 tuning in over a 4.5 hour period.

Sounds like a great way to go offline to remind people it's about connecting and singing rather than just learning how to use a mobile app.


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