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The Emerging Age Of The Streaming DJ

StreamingdjscomTwo examples of streaming DJs have come my way of late. You may well have heard of the Pacemaker iPad app that connects to Spotify to stream songs for dj'ing. It's gotten quite a bit of well-deserved attention. From a different angle, Streaming DJs is a service that connects you with DJs who will play your party via a streaming internet connection. Both reflect developments in streaming that indicate where we're going though both will also be limited by the quality of one's internet connection.

Pacemaker, the iPad app for Spotify djs, is a great idea and really speaks to the moment. It allows you to stream and mix not only Spotify tracks but iTunes downloads as well though most marketing and writer responses have focused on the Spotify streaming.

Mix Everything on Pacemaker for iPad with Spotify

For a close look from somebody that knows what's up, you can see Peter Kirn's hands-on post and cautionary note regarding certain tracks not being on Spotify.

Though if you have them in your iTunes library that's not a problem so it sounds like a truly flexible device that is breaking serious ground.

Streaming DJs Event - Private Party - Denmark

Streaming DJs is a great idea and they've been around a bit longer. I don't know that they're the only ones or the first but this is the first I've heard of what they're doing and it makes so much sense I wonder why I haven't heard about something like this before.

Here's a quick explanation:

"Streaming DJs is a new online platform that enables you to hire DJs to enjoy live private sessions with high quality video and sound: a different, new and low cost way of enjoying the best music and the best djs for your event."

"The steps are simple: set the date of the party, choose one of the available djs (from London, Miami, Bangalore or Brussels) and get online to enjoy the session. The system also allows you to interact, leave comments and share images of the event in the social media."

"Distance and flight and accommodation expenses will not be a problem for enjoying the dj that you want at the place and at the time you want."

This is an awesome idea for so many reasons.

I can imagine that DJs doing well off live shows on a local basis may be concerned but, in addition to giving DJs work when they live places that don't have a lot of opportunities, I believe it could expand the market for live DJs.

There are probably a lot of people that would hesitate to hire a DJ for a small party or would hesitate cause it seems too complex. But Streaming DJs offers an easy entry point and, for those with a real budget, may be a first step towards bringing in local live DJs.

Streaming DJs is definitely one to watch.

Why America May Not Be A Good Market

With both Pacemaker and Streaming DJs the biggest problem will probably be your internet service particularly in the U.S. and 3rd world countries. In the U.S a corporate stranglehold is keeping most of us from the affordable 1G speed seen in places like Chattanooga, TN and Wilson, NC that have municipal broadband. Unfortunately that's over for NC because, to be blunt, a Republican-dominated House has made it illegal for any other NC municipality to follow suit.

Then again, Spotify streaming seems to work well without true broadband, so that might work as would Streaming DJs. If you don't mind glitches and your event is not that important, go for it!

And maybe one day we'll get the service more advanced societies have. Till then, they're fun to read about!

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